If you have an Amazfit watch, you know that your main application is Zepp. You can download this application from Android or Apple market.
Android: Click Here
IOS: Click Here 


After making all the adjustments, you will probably find the watch faces in Zepp insufficient and will want to install other watch faces.
There are many applications in the application markets where you can install a watch face for your watch. However, installing an external watch face on android 11 devices is more difficult due to security settings.

As an Android 11 user, the application that I can install a watch face from is Notify for Amazfit

Design programs are also available for friends who are interested in making watch faces.

AMAZFIT WATCHFACE EDITOR 1 v10.0  (for Amazfit GTR 47mm / 42mm)

AMAZFIT WATCHFACE EDITOR 2 v.1.1 (for Amazfit GTR2 / GTR2e) 

AMAZFIT WATCHFACE EDITOR 2 v.7.2 (for Amazfit GTR2 / GTR2e)